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Erschienen am 06.03.2004 bei Metal-March

Nicht Viel

Band: Achtlos
Released: 2002
Our Rating: 6.5

I have to say that I got quite a surprise when I started hearing this album due to it's cover. Besides the German lyrics, I would expect some sort of Industrial band.

Anyway, I don't have anything against anyone singing in German, maybe a couple of years ago I would, but ever since Rammstein I started looking at other types of lyrics in a whole different way. But these guys are no Rammstein, they are more of a Hard Rock band, and even though that's not exactly a music style that I enjoy all that much, I can still hear it without problems.

We have 11 tracks here of Hard Rock songs with some nice music work and reasonable vocals as well. I can see that the songs are well played and the guys know how to use the instruments, but I feel they are not very original. I can hear this album from one end to the other without a problem, but in the end I feel that there's not much there I would like to hear again, which is a shame since the band doesn't play all that bad really.

I can't figure out much more to say about Achtlos besides a couple of tips that could help them in the future. They are one of those bands which you can see that they play well but the music itself is not all that appealing, at least to me. There's this feeling that the songs need a certain grip to make you want to hear the album all over again, some kind of energy. I think that with some creativity they can make much better in the future. I think despite any review a band gets, people should always take their time to check out the music itself, because that's what really matters. So, if you are into Hard Rock, you could try either "Tausend Andere", "Angst" or "Verlorene Welt", which is a very nice calm song. Anyway, due to what I've heard in "Nicht Viel", I believe that Achtlos are probably very popular in Germany and their music should also be much more accepted there than in the rest of the world, at least for now.